Hello everyone! I’m Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! If you found yourself here, it’s probably because you were amazing enough to want to know more about me. 🙂 I’m a wife to a wonderful man named Tim, who is not only my best supporter in all I do, but also my very best friend. He feeds my yarn habit, and now I’ve become a yarn hoarder. No regrets! 😀

I’ve always had a passion for the arts, music, theater, crochet, knitting, cross-stitch..you name it! I’ve always been a singer, and I did enjoy my time signing  in the choir, opera and musical theater. That is what I grew up doing. How did this resort to yarn and crochet? I’ve always had a fascination with yarn. I learned to crochet when I was a kid. It wasn’t until 2016, when I really started going at it. Since, I haven’t stopped and don’t plan on doing so.



This little guy was my very first Amigurumi cupcake. I was giving it a go, it turned into more, and then my crochet passion bloomed. There is always so much more to learn. Creating handmade is a wonderful feeling.